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Regain your youthful appearance with a Breast Lift in NJ

Breasts can lose their elasticity and shape due to pregnancy and aging. Another cause of sagging, droopy breasts is losing weight. The breasts become overstretched and gravity takes its toll.

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A breast lift (mastopexy) offers women the opportunity to gain back their former youthful appearance.

During the breast lift procedure, excess skin is removed via a series of incisions around the breast. Once the required amount of skin has been excised, the nipple and areola are repositioned to a higher location. Dr. Racanelli always uses his proprietary wound closure techniques to minimize the appearance of the surgical incisions. If your nipples and areola have descended off of your breast mound, a mastopexy will reposition them to a more aesthetic youthful location.


After a private consultation with Dr. Racanelli, in one of our New Jersey or New York City offices you will be fully aware of your treatment options for your breast lift, and you will be able to determine if a mastopexy is the correct procedure for you. The lasting results of this surgery are tight, perky, firm breasts. Women who undergo breast lift surgery often find that they have effectively turned back the hands of time to give their breasts a more youthful look.

Please take time to view Dr Racanelli’s breast lift photos that appear in the Photo Gallery to see what he can do for you.


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For more youthful looking breasts, a Breast Lift in NJ could be the solution you are searching for.