Mommy Makeover

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The mommy makeover is an increasingly popular cosmetic surgery procedure that reverses the physical impacts of pregnancy on a woman’s body. While some fortunate new mothers are able to regain their pre-pregnancy physique, the vast majority of women experience irreversible changes that diet and exercise cannot remedy. 

A tummy tuck can resolve issues such as stretch marks, excess skin, and muscle separation. Other postpartum issues, including a loss of breast volume after months of lactation, can be remedied with breast implants. A mommy makeover incorporates common surgical procedures to provide a comprehensive solution for regaining a confident and shapely body.


A mommy makeover is a series of cosmetic procedures customized for each woman based on the issues she wishes to address. The most frequent procedures consist of:

  • Liposuction – a fat-removal technique that slims and reshapes the targeted body area.
  • Abdominoplasty – also known as a tummy tuck, enhances the contour and appearance of the abdomen. 
  • Fat Grafting – Transferring fat from one region of the body to another
  • Breast Augmentation – enhances the size and contour of the breasts.
  • Breast Lift – Lifts the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue.
  • BBL – Brazilian Butt Lift; transfers fat from the abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs to the buttocks.

A mommy makeover may consist of any combination of the above procedures. During your consultation, you and your physician will determine the optimal combination of treatments to accomplish your desired outcome.

Ideal Candidate

The most essential aspect of mommy makeover candidacy is that the series of procedures should only be performed on women who are done having children. If you want to have more children, postpone the surgeries until you are certain you will not be pregnant again. It could be costly to transform your body just to have another pregnancy bring up new problems that must be resolved.

Any other issues that could potentially lead to problems such as medications, health history, etc. will be discussed extensively in a consultation.


Lower Costs

The most practical advantage of a mommy makeover is the ability to consolidate procedures to reduce costs. As with any package deal, multiple aesthetic procedures performed simultaneously will be substantially less expensive than if they were performed individually over time.

Consolidated Recovery Time

Individually performed cosmetic procedures can require weeks or even months of recuperation time. This necessitates taking time off from work, coordinating with friends and family to provide assistance, and enduring the normal aches and pains associated with recovery. A mother makeover, despite requiring a lengthy recovery period, is a one-time fix that will have cost you significantly less recovery time in total.

Youthful Appearance

The primary benefit of a mommy makeover is the physical benefit of reversing the aging process and achieving an overall more youthful appearance. Your mommy makeover will restore firmness and elasticity to your body, thereby restoring a significant amount of self-confidence. 

Feel Younger and Better

As a new mother, you may experience a variety of aches and pains that do not always subside. Among the lingering effects of childbirth are weakened abdominal muscles and the challenge to carry excess fat. Mommy makeover procedures alleviate pain, so not only do you appear younger, but you also feel younger.


Mommy makeover recovery will depend on the number and extent of procedures performed. If your mommy makeover consists of only minor liposuction and perhaps a mini-abdominoplasty, it may only take a few weeks for you to return to your normal activities.

If you combine a full abdominoplasty, a breast augmentation and lift, and a Brazilian butt lift , your total recuperation time could be between three and six months. 

Your physician will explain the many processes you will undergo. A timeline will likely begin with 24 hours of bedrest at the location of the surgery. During the first twenty-four hours, your body undergoes significant alterations and requires extensive recovery time. 

Due to the recovery of the abdomen, you will likely walk in a slightly stooped position during the first week after returning home. You should be able to discontinue medication after a few weeks and resume normal movement and moderate activity. After 6 weeks, a light exercise program may be feasible, and after 3 to 6 months, you should be completely recovered.

Other specifications, including bandages and wraps, avoiding pressure on certain body parts, and optimal sleeping positions, will be discussed in depth during your consultation with Dr. Racanelli.


If you believe you are a candidate for a mommy makeover, contact Dr. Racanelli  to schedule a consultation. We can go over the process in its entirety, determine which procedures will be utilized for your specific makeover, and start the process to reach your aesthetic goals.