Give Your Summer a Lift

If you’re looking to give yourself a “lift” this summer, Dr. Racanelli has a few amazing lift procedures that can help improve your overall aesthetic look and get you ready to show off your aesthetic going into the second half of 2023. 

Sagging skin all over the body is a normal consequence of aging, which makes us look older than we are and less confidence in ourselves. Thankfully, we are not doomed to perpetually struggle with these problems.

You can “lift” your spirits and restore your youthful appearance with one of the several procedures listed below offered by Dr. Racanelli.

Forehead Lift

Over time, your eyes, neck, and chin can begin to droop, sag, and wrinkle due to hormonal fluctuations, aging, sun damage, weight fluctuation, and smoking. These modifications are an inevitable consequence of muscle loss, lax muscle tissue, and sagging skin. Although you can’t stop the passage of time, a Rhytidectomy (or “face-lift”) can help you look years younger.

Injectable fillers and lasers can be used in conjunction with a forehead lift to totally remove the visible symptoms of aging or injury. During your personal consultation with Dr. Racanelli, he will identify the specifics of the operation that will yield the greatest results for your face.

Breast Lift

Mastopexy, more often known as a breast lift, restores a more youthful position and shape to the breasts. Breasts may lose firmness, fullness, and form as a normal part of the aging process. This is because of the inevitable loss of skin suppleness. Breast shape can also change as a result of physiological changes such as pregnancy, lactation, or rapid weight gain/loss.

When planning a breast lift, it’s important to consider the patient’s breast size, the areola shape and position, the degree of correction required, and the skin’s elasticity. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Racanelli will decide on the best incision method and discuss your desired breast outcome with you. After the incision is made, your surgeon will reshape the breast tissue underneath.

The effect is instantaneous. Bandages and support bras will speed up the healing process so that you may flaunt your fresh, younger appearance once more.

Arm Lift

Inelastic skin on the upper arms can be corrected with a brachioplasty to give the arms their youthful appearance once again. This is a normal part of aging and is often the result of a significant weight reduction. The end outcome is an improvement in arm tone and proportion. 

Again, the incision site will be chosen by your doctor depending on your specific circumstances and desired outcomes. The surgery involves using internal sutures to tighten and restructure the underlying supporting tissue. Excess skin is then removed before being restored over the arm. When significant fat threatens to distort the natural form of the arm, liposuction may be utilized as well.

Arm lifts have instant results, albeit with some temporary swelling and bruising. When they finally fade, a more defined and attractive shape emerges. 


If you feel as though you could benefit from one or more of the above lifts, contact Dr. Racanelli today, and let the best plastic surgeon in New Jersey schedule a treatment that will leave you the envy of your friends and family this year. Call today!

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