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Rhytidectomy, Face Lift in NJ

Erase the signs of aging with a Rhytidectomy, Face Lift in NJ

Hormonal changes, aging, sun damage, weight fluctuation, and smoking can all take a toll on the face causing the eyes, neck, and chin to droop, sag, and crease. These changes are a direct result of muscle loss, muscle laxity, and loose skin. While you can’t stop the hands of time, you can certainly turn back the clock with a Rhytidectomy (“face-lift”) procedure. Rhytidectomy surgery can also be combined with injectable fillers and lasers to completely erase any signs of aging or damage. The various details regarding the procedure best suited for your face will be determined during your private consultation with Dr. Racanelli.
Face-lift surgery can take from one hour to four hours depending upon the outcome desired and the individual case at hand. Presently, the main types of face-lift procedures available include Traditional and Limited Incision, and these procedures are frequently performed in conjunction with a Neck Lift.
Traditional face-lift surgery includes an incision that begins with the temple area and follows the natural hairline down in front and around the ear.
This type of incision is well hidden beneath the hairline making it almost undetectable. Once the incision has been made, Dr. Racanelli routinely uses the SMAS plication technique to tighten the muscles underneath the skin. This technique will remove unwanted tension from the skin, and provide for longer lasting results. The last step is to excise any excess skin, just before Dr. Racanelli performs his signature three layer closure. Limited Incision face-lifts involve many of the same techniques that a traditional face-lift does. The main difference is that a limited incision lift only requires a small incision just in front of the ear. Thus, the length of incision required for this procedure is minimal. A neck lift focuses upon loose skin and muscles that have caused the neck area to sag. This procedure is often performed in conjunction with a traditional face-lift according to the patient’s wishes. Again, this adjunct procedure to most face-lifts is often necessary to achieve a complete facial rejuvenation.
Performing outstanding surgical skills for a Rhytidectomy, Face Lift in NJ
No matter what your reason for seeking out a face lift might be, you can expect to leave the operating room looking as young as you feel. The results of this procedure are often met with a newfound feeling of confidence and well being.
As we age, tiny lines that cross the forehead begin to increase in depth and width. The result of all these small lines is a forehead that sags and wrinkles. Thanks to modern technology, a forehead lift (brow lift) can effectively remove all of the damage that time has done.
Thanks to recent advancements within the field of plastic surgery, performing a brow lift is quicker, safer, and longer lasting than ever before. Depending upon your current brow position, there are two different ways that Dr. Racanelli can perform this procedure including “traditional” and “endoscopic.” The method that is right for your face will be discussed during your initial consultation.
The traditional brow lift includes a small incision that is made across the scalp back deep within the hairline. This incision will be hidden by the hairline once the scars heal. Once the incision has been made the muscles that are causing those wrinkles will be removed or altered. In addition, during this procedure forehead skin will be tightened, brows will be lifted, and the forehead will be smoothed.
The “endoscopic” technique involves five small incisions that are made across the scalp. As with the traditional method, these incisions are inconspicuous. An endoscopic forehead lift includes a small camera that is inserted into one of the five incisions. By looking at a small screen next to the patient, Dr. Racanelli can then use precise instruments in order to manipulate the forehead muscles and position the brows properly.