Breast Reconstruction in NJ

Breast Reconstruction in NJ

Get on with your life with a breast reconstruction surgery

Being diagnosed with breast cancer can be a devastating life event. Among all of the important considerations and concerns, how you will look if you need to have surgery need not be one of them. Breast reconstruction surgery can be completed immediately following a mastectomy, or it can be decided upon many years afterwards. The physical and psychological effects of breast reconstruction surgery are often life changing, once a patient can see, feel, and touch both breasts once again.

There are numerous ways that breast reconstruction surgery can be performed. Some women choose to have implant based reconstruction, where implants are inserted with the help of a tissue expander, while other women decide upon living-tissue reconstruction. Implant surgery involves choosing a saline or silicone-filled implant in order to recreate the breast.

Dr. Racanelli regularly utilizes a state of the art technique for larger breasted women that eliminates the use of a tissue expander, and expedites the reconstructive process.

Living-tissue breast reconstruction in NJ

This reconstructive option uses the patient’s own tissue in order to recreate a new breast, and usually involves taking skin, muscle and fat from your abdomen or back.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Racanelli, you can discover the type of surgical reconstruction that is best for you. Every woman is different, and each procedure is tailored to your individual needs. The goal of breast reconstruction is to recreate breasts that look and feel natural with the least amount of surgery possible. Additional reconstructive procedures can match the existing native breast to the reconstructed breast, to restore symmetry and achieve a balanced figure.

Although breast reconstruction surgery only takes a few hours to complete, it dramatically changes the lives of women every day. This safe and effective procedure affords women the opportunity to restore their mental and physical well being.

Feel good about your breasts once again with a breast reconstruction surgery.