Enhance Your Aesthetic Appeal with Liposuction in Brooklyn

“New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made…” says Alicia Keys in her song Empire State of Mind. The Big Apple consists of five boroughs, with Brooklyn being one of them. And, it is home to a broad spectrum of service sector firms. It is also the global center for advertising (Madison Avenue) and technology (Silicon Alley). The Gross Metropolitan Product of the city runs into trillions, as per an article in The Atlantic. This highlights the stiff competition that has become so characteristic of NY. Undeniably, New York is a place where it is important to be both the bluestocking and the belle of the ball. Your physical appearance plays a huge role in this. And, liposuction can help you reach the aesthetic goals related to your body.

Why Choose Liposuction?

Liposuction is a safe and successful way to contour and reshape your figure. It helps you get rid of unflattering fat and cellulite. If you have difficulty losing weight in particular areas, this treatment is a quick and effective solution.
The procedure can also be clubbed with a myriad of body enhancement options, including tummy tuck, arm lift and thigh lift, to name a few. A skilled plastic surgeon will be able to help you decide on an optimal treatment plan.

Precision Techniques

You would want a surgeon who uses precision techniques to avoid ugly scarring. After all, you want to flaunt your bikini suits in the summer. Many plastic surgeons in Brooklyn use the standard liposuction cannulas (4-5mm), which often causes bruising, irregularities and lumpiness. However, the best plastic surgeons use custom-made micro-cannulas (under 3mm) for liposuction, which results in exact contours and almost no scarring.

Ensure Your Look Stays in Place

The surgeon will ensure that you get best results by using accurate incisions and state-of-the-art tools. However, you need to familiarize yourself with the care options available after the surgery, in order to experience a quick recovery and long-lasting effects. Here are a few things you should consider:
After the liposuction surgery, you will need to wear compression garments. These are extremely important for normal results and recovery. You should wear them continuously for the first two weeks following the surgery, removing them only occasionally for taking a shower.
Consider placing topifoam pads inside your garment (against your skin). This will act like a splint. This ensures that the skin sets smoothly over the treated area of the body. Even during movement, the skin will stay in place, facilitating a quick, precise and smooth recovery.

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